First Professional Resume

After graduating from college I moved across the U.S. and was looking for a new job. At the time, I had a resume which I'd been using to apply for internships as a student. However, I had yet to build a resume for after graduation. When I came to Nadia for advice, she was able to quickly spot the gaps in my resume and explained the differences between the resume of a student versus a working professional. She patiently guided me through her suggested changes, which included rephrasing my responsibilities in a way that would help me get noticed amidst other applicants. Aside from helping me with my resume, she also informed me on how the hiring process works. She connected me with the right people to talk about the various career opportunities I could consider based on my background. The conversations were extremely informative and helpful in guiding me towards my next step. Nadia is extremely knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to work with. To this day I still use the same layout that Nadia suggested and it helped me receive multiple offers. Thank you! ~Kat

Data Science Job Offer

I decided to switch careers from academia to industry. My goal was a Data Scientist position somewhere in the private sector. My main challenge was lack of any relevant job application experience, as the process is entirely different in academia vs industry. I needed help with pretty much every aspect - from properly building up my resume and filling in job applications, to framing my emails to recruiters, learning how to answer standard questions, handle behavioral/culture fit situations and so on. We started with an hourly check-in session twice a week to track progress on various tasks - job applications, resume building, personal website, etc. Once my first phone calls started coming in, we began working on training my interview skills, preparing standard pitches, practicing common behavioral Q&As. Nadia would review my interview notes with me, point out my mistakes and explain how to fix/avoid them. She also kept me on track, pushing gently but firmly towards completing the goals I had set for the day/week/month. The best thing about her coaching was that she always framed everything in the way that would resonate with my internal thought process making the guidance very efficient. After the first two months of completing the tasks we identified together I got my first phone screen that actually led to a follow up. After 3 months my skills and confidence in most aspects of the interview process have improved dramatically, leading to first interview loops happening. Finally, after 5 months I finally got the offer for a Data Scientist position that I decided to accept. ~Anatoly

Promotion to SDE2

I was considered for promotion from SDE1 to SDE2 at Amazon. Unfortunately, my manager was not forthcoming with feedback on the promotion narrative doc. I had filled out a doc template with the body of work I completed over 1.5 years, but it was dry and boring to read. I needed help rewriting the narrative to hold a reader’s attention and make my achievements stand out to make my case stronger. I reached out to Nadia for advice because of her prior leadership experience in tech and she offered to help. For the next 2 months we met every other week for 2-3 hours and went through two full iterations of the doc. During the writing sessions, Nadia explained to me what makes a compelling promotion case, and collaboratively edited my promotion doc to frame my work using the language that the leadership in my organization would understand. It made me look amazing and boosted my confidence to push for this promotion. I got the promotion to SDE2 and am thrilled about it! ~Lisa

Resume for Career Transition

I was struggling with a career transition from Asia to the United States. Applying for jobs remotely resulted in low response rates and travel was difficult to manage around the pandemic. Fortunately, Nadia offered very helpful and practical advice about not just the recruitment process but also how to best present my resume and profile for specific career opportunities. She was attentive towards my questions and gave unique insight towards the tech industry in the United States. Using her techniques and advice, I found myself with far more interviews and a new job in New York in six month’s time. She really knows the ins-and-outs of the hiring process and I can attest to her quality as a professional consultant. Beyond delivering results, she was also very good at providing guidance on an ad-hoc basis. Her strategies are certainly effective and it was a delight to work with her throughout the process. ~Nate